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    • The HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combine a cordless keyboard, cordless optical mouse, and USB wireless receiver in a single package. This stylish set delivers the convenience, comfort, and elegance of wireless keyboard and optical mouse operation to your HP notebook. It reduces the tangle and clutter associated with wired peripherals, regains valuable workspace, and places advanced functionality and ergonomic ease of operation at the user's fingertips. Convenient Internet and multimedia buttons, as well as special keys that support the Microsoft Windows operating system and applications let users get things done quickly.
      With quiet, tactile membrane switch technology, the HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse supply a high level of comfort and stress-free responsiveness. The mouse has a convenient scroll wheel that accelerates Web and document navigation. The wheel also functions as a third button. The keyboard and mouse do not require line-of-sight access to the receiver, so they work flawlessly even when blocked from the receiver by books and other objects. The wireless receiver, which plugs into an available USB port, is dedicated to a particular keyboard and mouse; the ability to switch between multiple channels and user IDs allow other workers in the same office to use their HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set without interference.

      Package included:
      - 1 USB RF Receiver.
      - 1 HP Multimedia Keyboard.
      - 1 Wireless 800 dp Optical Mouse.
      - 1 Installation Instruction Manual.
      - 4 AA Duracell Batteries.
      - Brand New in Original HP Packages

      1 year warranty



          List Price $69.99
       Our Price : $29.99   
      item # 200



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