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Attitude Ceramic Hair Straightener Slimline 2006 Digital Model









  • This version has been designed especially for professionals with its heating components designed to produce efficient and definitive results every time. Manufactured in the ATTITUDE factory, alongside some of the biggest names in hair products, the ATTITUDE Professional has been specifically designed for use by professionals in the industry.

  • This versatile hair product adds shine whilst straightening, you can flip / curl / wave / straighten with it!!!

  • Product Detailed Information

    • This professional straightener has come of the most advanced technology available, incorporating a ceramic heating element and unique floating plate design, for professional end effective results.

    • This stylish professional straightener has a ceramic heating DIGITAL element and can reach an optimum temperature of 400 F degrees Fahrenheit (which is about 200 degrees Celsius) . Not only does it heat up in 6 seconds, but the temperature will remain constant throughout use.

    • Natural quality of the ceramic will prevent drying and damage to the hair by maintaining the hairs natural moistures and essential natural oils.

    • Being small, lightweight and easy to use, the ATTITUDE Professional will give you the ability to create a variety of styles  from straightening, to curling, waves and even flicks. This is an essential product that will leave hair looking sleek, shiny and beautifully healthy, with results lasting up to three days.

    • This is the perfect product  to suite all your individual styling needs,  for  professional looking hair.

    • 110V-220V

    • MSRP $149.99

    • 2 full year Manufacturers warranty!


       List Price $49.99
     Our Price : $19.99 
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